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Wireless Doorbell (KooPower)

  • $19.00

KooPower Wireless doorbell 2 Receivers + 1 Transmitter

KooPower Wireless Doorbell is an easy-to-install and DIY home security system, which is perfect for your office, apartment or home. Just rest in absolute ease!

Follow the setup instructions provided, and you'll be able to use your doorbell right away. Before mounting 2 Receivers and 1 Transmitter into walls, please pair them according to the manual, and do some tests.

With the KooPower Mains Wireless Doorbell, you're in full control of your doorbell's sound and volume. There are 25 different musical chimes to choose from, and selecting the sound is so easy, you can pick a different one every day! The doorbell also features an adjustable volume with three levels from 50 to 80 decibels to suit your needs.

By the way, if you have a couple of these units it is also possible to pair them, so you can have a bell push at both the front and back door and have two or more bell sounders which stay in sync with the melodies but slightly out with the timing which creates an interesting effect.