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EuroCave WineArt

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Outlet Available : Toa Payoh
Product Condition: Well Used
Condition: Well Used
Warranty date: Cash Converters 30 days warranty 

Product Description:

  • Enjoy more than one bottle at a time (e.g. if you love Cabernet Sauvignon, yet your partner prefers a glass of Riesling).
  • Enjoy a glass or two of wine during the week when you don’t want to consume an entire bottle.
  • Open a ‘better bottle’ of wine than you normally would and enjoy it over time, without fear of wastage.
  • Serve reds and whites at their ideal temperature – this is particularly useful for dinner parties where you may be serving a number of different varieties. Often whites are served too cold from the fridge or too warm when left on the table, whilst reds can be served at the incorrect room temperature depending on the climate. The WineArt system alleviates these issues, allowing you to serve all wine at the perfect temperate.
EuroCave WineArt
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