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Viski Ice Ball Press Aluminum Ice Press 55mm Or 2.1in Silver

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Viski Ice Ball Press Aluminum Ice Press for Whiskey Bourbon Scotch Old Fashioned Cocktail & Rocks Beverage, Clear Ice Ball Maker Mold Size, Barware Equipment & Gift Essentials, 55mm / 2.1, Silver

Material Stainless Steel
Color Silver
Brand Viski
Shape Coupe
Item Weight 6 Pounds
  • FOR SERIOUS SCOTCH, BOURBON AND FANCY COCKTAIL DRINKERS, this is the ice mold you need! Respect your spirits and make ice to match your fancy cocktail glasses, old fashioned glasses, coupe cocktail glasses, and fine crystal cocktail glasses.
  • TRANSFORM ICE INTO PERFECT SPHERES with this aluminum ice ball maker and ice sphere mold. Place a large ice cube into the center of the mold, and let gravity and the natural heat conducting properties of metal do the work.
  • PREVENT OVER-DILUTING YOUR FINE LIQUOR - Preserve the taste of high quality bourbon whiskey, scotch whisky, american whiskeys, blended whiskey, rye whiskey. Don't water down cocktails like a manhattan, old fashioned, negroni and more.
  • LESS SURFACE AREA MEANS SLOWER MELTING so your ice sphere stays frozen much longer than square ice cubes from oversize silicone square ice cube trays. Works better than large square ice cubes for chilling drinks and maintaining temperature.
  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY BARWARE AND GLASSWARE - Stunning materials and giftable packaging define our bar tools and glassware. We vet our products with our professional bartender community to make sure they look beautiful and work perfectly.
Viski Ice Ball Press Aluminum Ice Press 55mm Or 2.1in Silver
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