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Trail Camera CCBETTER

  • $75.00

★ Excellent Image and Performance: Ultra-high performance 12 million pixel resolution, 1080P HD video recording can be in the day or night can clearly capture the wild animals of each action. At the same time can be -20 degrees Celsius -60 degrees Celsius extreme temperature, and has a super waterproof function.
★ Consumption and Response: Wildlife camera running very low power, can provide long running time, in standby mode, the use of four AA batteries up to 3 months, the use of 8 AA up to 6 months battery, more energy Environmental protection. Wildlife camera has a very fast capture effect, the reaction time as low as 1 second, you can capture every subtle action, while high sensitivity infrared sensor (PIR, passive infrared sensor) on the camera to open, activate the image or video mode.
★ Multi-functional Experience: 500 million pixel sensor, the assessment area can be on the environment, the temperature changes have a sensitive response. Wildlife camera also uses the serial number function, the location can be edited in the photo, easy to find, while the photos will have time, date, temperature display, lock and password protection, low battery reminder.
★ Shooting Range and Installation Use: Wildlife camera shooting range is very wide, shooting width of 120 degrees, night vision distance of up to 65 inches, do not worry about day or night problems. In order to be able to use more customers more, we have the camera operation and installation of the continuous simplification, but also with detailed instructions, do not worry about the use of inconvenience.