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Surya Santoso Standard Handbook for Electrical Engineers 17th Edition Hardcover

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Up-to-date coverage of every facet of electric power in a single volume

This fully revised, industry-standard resource offers practical details on every aspect of electric power engineering. The book contains in-depth discussions from more than 100 internationally recognized experts. Generation, transmission, distribution, operation, system protection, and switchgear are thoroughly explained. Standard Handbook for Electrical Engineers, Seventeenth Edition, features brand-new sections on measurement and instrumentation, interconnected power grids, smart grids and microgrids, wind power, solar and photovoltaic power generation, electric machines and transformers, power system analysis, operations, stability and protection, and the electricity market.

Coverage includes:

•Units, symbols, constants, definitions, and conversion factors

•Measurement and instrumentation

•Properties of materials 

•Interconnected power grids

•AC and DC power transmission

•Power distribution

•Smart grids and microgrids

•Wind power generation

•Solar power generation and energy storage

•Substations and switch gear

•Power transformers, generators, motors, and drives

•Power electronics

•Power system analysis, operations, stability, and protection

•Electricity markets

•Power quality and reliability

•Lightning and overvoltage protection

•Computer applications in the electric power industry

•Standards in electrotechnology, telecommunications, and IT

Surya Santoso Standard Handbook for Electrical Engineers 17th Edition Hardcover
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