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Brother Ptouch Red On White Thermal Tape 12mmX8m MK232

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Ideal for use at home and indoor areas at the workplace or school these premium non-laminated label tapes perform flawlessly and represent excellent value for money.

  • Premium high-quality print output producing a vibrant easy to see Black on a Green background.

  • The text characters and images are created using a technology known as thermal-transfer processing. The tape has several different layers, one holds the enclosed ink, so there are no ink cartridges or rollers to buy additionally. The ink is impregnated into the tape and when the text is typed into the printer, it applies heat corresponding to the letter shape to the tap which forces it onto the visual layer of the tape, resulting in the image appearing.

  • The material that is used inside the cassette tape is made from durable quality polyethene and is fade, temperature, water and chemical resistant.

  • Suitable for immediate use in Brother P-Touch Series Label Printers.

  • The tape size is 12mm x 8m.

  • The polyethene is not only robust but also has a standard strength backing adhesive, making it easy to apply and use with a mix of different and challenging surfaces.

  • Vacuum sealed to extend shelf longevity and protection.

Brother Ptouch Red On White Thermal Tape 12mmX8m MK232
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