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Nepia Whito 12 Hours S 4 to 8Kg 60 Count

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Product Description:

Absorbency, breathability, and fit are greatly improved by quilting the inner surface of the diaper.
1.Absorbency: The quilted grooves quickly draw in urine and spread it throughout the absorber, allowing it to be fully absorbed.
2.Breathability: Air passes through the quilted grooves, allowing moisture inside the diaper to escape, leaving the buttocks dry. Touch the skin with dots on the diaper.
3.Fit: The absorbent material bends along the quilted grooves to fit the movement of the buttocks.
There is more than one comfort for your baby, so you can choose between 3 hours and 12 hours.
Thin, light, and easy-to-move diaper for 3 hours.Keep your baby 's buttocks comfortable all the time by using it properly for 12 hours with plenty of absorption.


Nepia Whito 12 Hours S 4 to 8Kg 60 Count
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