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Language of Space and Form Generative Terms for Architecture

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A unique graphical guide for using architectural terminology to jump-start the design process

This design studio companion presents architectural terms with special emphasis on using these terms to generate design ideas. It highlights the architectural thinking behind the terminology and helps readers gain a thorough understanding of space and form. Featuring double-page spreads with over 190 illustrated entries, the book fully explores, analyzes, and cross-references key elements and techniques used in architecture and interior design. Each entry first defines the common meaning of the term, then goes on to discuss in detail its generative possibilities. Scenarios involving the use of a design principle, or the way it might be experienced, further aid students in developing strategies for their own design.

In addition, Language of Space and Form:

  • Divides entries into five categories for quick access to concepts, including process and generation, organization and ordering, operation and experience, objects and assemblies, and representation and communication

  • Addresses studio practice from the ground up, encouraging readers to develop creativity and critical thinking as they develop a design process

  • Offers supplemental online learning resources, including exercises that correspond to the book

A must-have reference for professionals and students in architecture and interior design, Language of Space and Form is destined to become a classic introduction to design thinking.

Language of Space and Form Generative Terms for Architecture
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