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Hydraulic Control Systems

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This fully updated, second edition offers students and professionals a reliable and comprehensive guide to the hows and whys of today's hydraulic control system fundamentals. Complete with insightful industry examples, it features the latest coverage of modeling and control systems with a widely accepted approach to systems design. The book also offers all new information on: advanced control topics; auxiliary components (reservoirs, accumulators, coolers, filters); hybrid transmissions; multi-circuit systems; and digital hydraulics.

Chapters in Hydraulic Control Systems, 2nd Edition cover; fluid properties; fluid mechanics; dynamic systems and control; hydraulic valves, pumps, and actuators; auxiliary components; and both valve and pump controlled hydraulic systems. The book presents illustrative case studies throughout that highlight important topics and demonstrate how equations can be implemented and used in the real world. It also features end-of-chapter exercises to help facilitate learning. It is a powerful tool for developing a solid understanding of hydraulic control systems that will serve all practicing engineers in the field.

  • Provides a useful review of fluid mechanics and system dynamics
  • Offers thorough analysis of transient fluid flow forces within valves
  • Adds all new information on: advanced control topics; auxiliary components; hybrid transmissions; multi-circuit systems; and digital hydraulics
  • Discusses flow ripple for both gear pumps and axial piston pumps
  • Presents updated analysis of the pump control problems associated with swash plate type machines
  • Showcases a successful methodology for hydraulic system design
  • Features reduced-order models and PID controllers showing control objectives of position, velocity, and effort

Hydraulic Control Systems, 2nd Edition is an important book for undergraduate and first-year graduate students taking courses in fluid power. It is also an excellent resource for practicing engineers in the field of fluid power.

Hydraulic Control Systems
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