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Hotel Pricing In A Social World: Driving Value In The Digital Economy

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Take control of revenue management in the new hotel economy

Hotel Pricing in a Social World: How to Drive Value in the New Hotel Economy is an insightful resource that provides guidance on improving organizational decision making to keep your hotel relevant, from a pricing standpoint, in the often chaotic hotel landscape. This groundbreaking book clearly showcases the current environment of the hotel industry, and describes new and emerging trends that can impact your revenue management tactics. This essential text prepares you to survive and thrive in today's highly competitive market, and outlines the best approach to building profitable pricing strategies that follow both tactical and strategic best practices.

Revenue management has become a key activity in the highly social environment of today's hotel industry, thanks to mobile technology and social media. Though relatively new, revenue management is a quickly-evolving discipline that requires precision if you want to maintain your hotel's relevance in the market.

  • Leverage original research, case studies, and industry examples to understand the practical application of key concepts
  • Explore current market conditions that have an impact on revenue management
  • Consider how advances in data management, analytics, and data visualization can impact revenue management practices
  • Identify how revenue management can help you take advantage of market opportunities and overcome challenges
Hotel Pricing In A Social World: Driving Value In The Digital Economy
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