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Max&Molly Short Leash – Booster Purple Small

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The Harness combines all the advantages of Max & Molly gear.

Comfort materials:

You walk your dog every day so you want to feel as comfortable as possible holding the leash.

The combination of Neoprene material and a very smoothly woven polyester gives you a perfect feel in your hand. No sharp edges, super light and at the same time solid. Even you wrap it a few times around your neck to hold your dog short, it is still comfortable.

Benefits of Neoprene:

Neoprene is the same material as scuba diving wetsuits are made of.

It has a lot of advantages so we use it for all of our Max & Molly gear.

Stretching: It is elastic and form-fitting, so it soothes around your dogs neck and the harness fits very comfortable.

Cushioning: Neoprene has just the right thickness and density to absorb the shock of every day handling. It is thin enough for the dog to feel the leads movement, but it helps in a protective way to absorb significant impact energy and protects your dogs neck.

Weather Resistant: Neoprene sheds water like a swan, making it an ideal outdoor material. It provides great protection against rain, snow, and dirt.

Light Weight: The material is very light which means it is comfortable for the dog and for the owner.

Buckle: This power plastic buckle is strong and durable. You already feel it when you open it. The release buttons have the right tension to press….it gives you the right sense of safety, especially when you plug it back in and it just snaps in….clack!

Why H- Harness: It leaves your pooch with a maximum of safety. The construction is solid and stable. The pull strength is ideally far away from the sensitive neck part. Some dog trainers say that you have less control on your dog when you try to control it away form the neck. And they are right! So for dogs who pull a lot, we made an extra D-ring near the neck part and you will be able to control your dog easier. If this is not necessary, we still recommend to use the D-ring in the back and you simply use the extra D-ring for your poo-bags.

Another thing important is that the front belts don’t get too close to the legs so your dog can jump around freely and there will be no rubbing marks.

And by the way, it does have this little cutie factor doesn’t it?

Max&Molly Short Leash – Booster Purple Small
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