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Smithsonian Childrens Encyclopedia Paperback

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This fascinating kids encyclopedia has simple, easy-to-read text and lively, detailed illustrations, helping young readers build their knowledge on a wide range of topics. Explore giant galaxies, microscopic bacteria, human cells, ancient civilizations and more.

Full of fun facts and stats, this reference book for children is designed to be both fascinating and fun to use! It covers a vast scope of information, from the Earth’s plants and animals, to its people and discoveries. For easy navigation, this kids’ encyclopedia is arranged thematically with more than 9,000 indexed entries and 2,500 colorful illustrations.

Feed your child’s curiosity and help them shape their ideas about the world around them. Perfect for homeschooling with age-appropriate knowledge on a range of topics complementary to their school curriculum. This will help build their general knowledge and inspire them to want to know more.

Smithsonian Childrens Encyclopedia Paperback
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