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Clog Remover MCR-708 (Jurong)

Clog Remover MCR-708 (Jurong)

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A-TECH CLOG REMOVER uses a non toxic & environmentally friendly formula that contains hardworking enzymes with heat release properties that can effectively melt down starch, proteins, oil & grease trapped inside the drains or pipes. The product easily dislodges tough clogging debris such as hair, soap scum, cloth, mineral deposits and many more in a matter of minutes. The disinfecting properties can kill off germs and bacteria within the pipes. The product is also safe for all types of sinks and piping materials.

Condition: 10/10 Brand New With Packaging

Only available at Jurong Outlet. Please contact 65697085 for enquiry.

Posted on 26 March 2018

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