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Carwash Rocket Soap Foam Blaster

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  • Car Wash System: This professional quality car wash system features revolutionary foam blasting technology to make washing your car quickly and easy; Just attach it to your hose and start blasting
  • Cleaning Made Easy: Attach the Carwash Rocket to your garden hose, add liquid soap, and spray your dirty car clean with the thick cleansing foam; Then turn the dial to the rinse setting and wash the soap away
  • Thick Foam Sprayer: The Carwash Rocket infuses massive amounts of air into the soap and water to create a blanket of thick foam, just like a professional carwash
  • No Residue: Air charged cleansing foam lifts dirt and dust from the surface and rinses it away without leaving behind any film or residue; Use it on your car, truck, motorcycle, boat, RV, ATV and more
Carwash Rocket Soap Foam Blaster
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