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Ultimate Player's Guide to Skylanders SuperChargers (Unofficial Guide), The Paperback

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Skylanders Superchargers: Your Next Epic Adventure Is Here! With the Skylanders SuperChargers game, the magic of Skylands is even more amazing! But if you really want to master the game, you need a great guide. Here it is! Whether you’re young or old, you’ll love how this book helps you discover Skylanders’ most powerful new secrets–and it’s so easy! This book is packed with full-color pictures and great step-by-step instructions from Hayley “SkyPanda” Camille! She’ll help you get started, meet the characters, learn great strategies, and lots more! • Master every hero’s attacks, upgrades, strengths, and vehicles • Dive, fly, float, barrel-roll, sail, and rev across Skylands • Defeat Count Moneybone, CockadoodleDoom, Stratosfear, and all the villains • Shrink giant chickens, pop colossal corn kernels, and harpoon Hydras • Surf tidal waves in the clouds, erupt volcanoes, and go totally berserk! • Overcome all of Great Grizzo’s elemental challenges • Race Skylands’ Frozen Fossil Festival and other tracks • Expand your game with new Racing Action Packs • Play with friends online • Conquer The Darkness and Kaos’ Doomstation of Ultimate Doomstruction! • Play with 20 new figures and 20 new land-, sea- and sky-based vehicles BONUS: Register your book at to gain access to four online appendixes.

Ultimate Player's Guide to Skylanders SuperChargers (Unofficial Guide), The Paperback
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