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The Elephant in the Staffroom Paperback

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The Elephant in the Staffroom is the survival guide that every busy teacher needs for practical advice on teacher wellbeing. Written in an informal, conversational style, the book is divided into 40 bite-size chunks, covering a range of essential topics from understanding and avoiding burnout, to successful working patterns, and even surviving the school holidays!

Complemented by a host of top tips, the book focuses on five key themes:

    • the psychology of the teacher
    • teacher identity
    • emotional and physical energy
    • keeping focused and investing in yourself
    • colleagues, students and inspection

    Chapters are designed to be easily dipped in and out of, with each exploring the unique nature of the teaching profession and how to cope with, and conquer, a variety of stress triggers and psychological aspects of teaching – ‘elephants’ in the staffroom – to survive and succeed.

    Written by a head of department with over twenty years of classroom experience, this essential guide offers a wealth of practical advice on stress, work-life balance and organisation, and is a must-read for practising teachers.

    The Elephant in the Staffroom Paperback
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