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Stem Cell Research: The Ethical Issues 1st Edition Paperback

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In this timely collection, some of the world's leading ethicists grapple with the variety of issues posed by human embryonic stem cell research.

  • Investigates the moral status of the embryo including the creation of chimeras and paying for gametes (eggs and sperm) and embryos for research purposes

  • Provides a thorough evaluation of the ethics and politics of regulating hESC research, and the privacy, confidentiality, and informed consent in the conduct of research and clinical investigations

  • Essential reading for scientists, philosophers, policy makers, and all who are interested in the ethical conduct of science

  • Contributors include David DeGrazia, Lori Gruen, Elizabeth Harman, John Harris, Jeff McMahan, Don Marquis and Peter Singer
Stem Cell Research: The Ethical Issues 1st Edition Paperback
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