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Social Media Rules Of Engagement Why Your Online Narrative Is The Best Weapon During A Crisis

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Avoid becoming a #PRFail with a solid social media strategy

Social Media Rules of Engagement guides you in the development of a bullet-proof social media strategy. You can manage any crisis effectively by having a plan before you actually need one―and by understanding and influencing your audience with military precision. This original, engaging, and informative text with case studies from the coalface offers you the tools you need to avoid scandal and media crises, and to learn how to leverage social media, big data, and influence in your communications strategies.

Social media has established itself as a critical part of any external communications strategy―but the very nature of social media leads to crises that organisations are not always prepared to face. To execute an effective social media strategy, you need to build influence, while leveraging the data that supports a targeted approach. This innovative guide focuses on how to create a holistic social media strategy, and how to defend your organization from social media crisis.

  • Develop a risk management strategy that protects your social media interactions around the clock
  • Avoid common mistakes by reading case studies of business faux pas―and learning exactly what not to do in a crisis
  • Cultivate influence both in the boardroom and on the information battlefield by defining your story and knowing your audience segments
  • Leverage digital interactivity features to enrich the content in the book

Social Media Rules of Engagement is an integral resource to guide your social strategy toward success.

Social Media Rules Of Engagement Why Your Online Narrative Is The Best Weapon During A Crisis
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