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Reach The Highest Standard In Professional Learning: Learning Communities Paperback

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When teachers learn from each other, students reap the benefits.

 Learning Forward is a leader in understanding and advancing professional learning that leads to student success. This book is the first in a series exploring each of Learning Forward’s seven Standards for Professional Learning, which outline the characteristics of effective professional learning. In this book, the authors help readers understand what it takes to establish and maintain professional learning communities (PLCs) that align with the Learning Forward standards and increase educator effectiveness in order to provide the best outcomes for students. Its features include:

  • An original essay by thought leaders Ann Lieberman and Lynne Miller designed to stretch readers’ thinking on the Learning Communities standard by introducing the underlying theory, research, and practice behind learning communities
  • A comprehensive guide to implementing the Learning Communities standard, with an overview of six critical attributes of PLCs and the seven-step cycle of continuous improvement
  • A case study of the district-wide implementation of PLCs that led to changed practices for educators and improved results for students, containing detailed analysis of what worked

With these tools in hand to strengthen professional learning, new heights of effective teaching, leadership and student achievement are within your school’s reach.

Reach The Highest Standard In Professional Learning: Learning Communities Paperback
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