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Payday Paperback

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How far would you go to settle the score? At a drunken work event, three women exchange secrets. Secrets about the co-partner and 'office golden boy' of their firm, Jamie, and how he treats his female colleagues. Jill, Nicole and Alex - a director, a rising star, and Jamie's ex-PA - barely know each other, but now they have a common cause. If the system is against you, have to take justice into your own hands. It's time women settled the score. But when their plan spirals out of all control, they realise things are far more complicated than they first thought. As they stand to lose everything - their careers, their relationships, and their integrity - they begin to doubt themselves and each other. After all, there are two sides to every story. Should they have trusted the other two? Or is one of them harbouring a secret darker than any of them could have imagined?

Payday Paperback
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