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Interpretive Discussion: Engaging Students In Text-Based Conversations

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In the era of the Common Core, teachers in all subject areas and grade levels are seeking ways to help students engage with and reflect on the meaning of texts. In Interpretive Discussion, Sophie Haroutunian-Gordon guides teachers through a carefully refined process for preparing, leading, and reflecting on these powerful conversations and discusses the skills and habits of mind that underlie this approach. Using detailed case studies, she identifies patterns and practises that support effective discussion leadership; explains how to choose a suitable text; provides guidelines for anticipating and preparing questions; and shows how students' skills develop over time.

Far from being reserved for elite or gifted students, interpretive discussion is an approach that can - and should - be used in any classroom where teachers seek to strengthen the relationships and skills that can transform student learning.

Interpretive Discussion: Engaging Students In Text-Based Conversations
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