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Exemplary College Science Teaching Paperback

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If you’re looking for inspiration to alter your teaching methods to match new standards and new times, this book is for you. As the first in the Exemplary Science series to focus exclusively on college science teaching, this book offers 16 examples of college teaching that builds on what students learned in high school.

Understanding that college does not exist in a vacuum, the chapter authors demonstrate how to adapt the methods and frameworks under which secondary students have been working and make them their own for the college classroom, adding new technologies when appropriate and letting the students take an active role in their learning.

Among the innovative topics and techniques the essays in this book explore are lecture-free college science teaching; peer-led study groups as learning communities; jigsaw techniques that enhance learning; inquiry incorporated into large-group settings; and interactive video conferences for assessing student attitudes and behaviours.

The clichéd image of the professor droning on before a packed lecture hall is a thing of the past. The essays in this book explain why―and offer the promise of a better future.
Exemplary College Science Teaching Paperback
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