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Epidemiology Evidence Based Medicine And Public Health

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Translating the evidence from the bedside to populations

This sixth edition of the best-selling 
Epidemiology, Evidence-based Medicine and Public Health Lecture Notes equips students and health professionals with the basic tools required to learn, practice and teach epidemiology and health prevention in a contemporary setting.

The first section, ‘Epidemiology’, introduces the fundamental principles and scientific basis behind work to improve the health of populations, including a new chapter on genetic epidemiology. Applying the current and best scientific evidence to treatment at both individual and population level is intrinsically linked to epidemiology and public health, and has been introduced in a brand new second section: ‘Evidence-based Medicine’ (EBM), with advice on how to incorporate EBM principles into your own practice. The third section, 'Public Health', introduces students to public health practice, including strategies and tools used to prevent disease, prolong life, reduce inequalities, and includes global health.

Thoroughly updated throughout, including new studies and cases from around the globe, key learning features include:

  • Learning objectives and key points in every chapter
  • Extended coverage of critical appraisal and data interpretation
  • A brand new self-assessment section of SAQs and ’True/False’ questions for each topic
  • A glossary to quickly identify the meaning of key terms, all of which are highlighted for study and exam preparation
  • Further reading suggestions on each topic

Whether approaching these topics for the first time, starting a special study module or placement, or looking for a quick-reference summary, this book offers medical students, junior doctors, and public health students an invaluable collection of theoretical and practical information.

Epidemiology Evidence Based Medicine And Public Health
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