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Easy for Me Bible Verses

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Young children can start memorizing a lot at a young age--from ABCs and numbers to colors and Bible verses--and they often have fun doing so!

Easy for Me Bible Verses is a delightfully illustrated board book that includes 24 Scriptures for memorization that are fundamental to the Christian faith and easy to learn for preschoolers. Examples include:

  • In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. --Genesis 1:1

  • The Lord is good to everyone. --Psalm 145:9

  • God, create a clean heart for me. --Psalm 51:10

  • Love your neighbor as yourself. --Matthew 22:39

The sooner kids start hiding God's Word in their hearts, the better! Easy for Me Bible Verses is a simple way to help young learners do just that.
Easy for Me Bible Verses
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