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Diversity Mosaic Participant Workbook: Leading Diversity Paperback

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The Diversity Mosaic Participant Workbook: Leading Diversity is designed to help people who manage others and set policy at all levels (executives, middle managers, supervisors, group leaders, and board members) to develop knowledge, awareness, and skills required by leaders in creating a truly inclusive organization. It will also help people understand what the organization expects leaders in supporting the organization’s diversity initiative. When you have completed the workshop you will:

·        Understand leaders’ unique roles in creating a successful diversity initiative

·        Appreciate why cultural competence is important for you as a leader

·        Learn the concept of structural inequality and leaders’ role in addressing it

·        Analyze your perceptions, strengths, and development areas in leading diversity

·        Learn skills to increase our level of cultural competence as leaders

·        Determine how to demonstrate support for your organization’s diversity and inclusion effort by developing our ability to communicating the Cornerstone concepts effectively

·        Create a personal action plan for leading diversity and creating true inclusion in the workplace

Diversity Mosaic Participant Workbook: Leading Diversity Paperback
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