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Canadian Copyright Law Hardcover

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An updated guide to Canadian copyright law for an age of reckless infringement

This fourth edition of Canadian Copyright Law brings you the latest updates according to new Canadian legislation and international agreements. Copyright infringement has always been an invisible crime. Now with near-constant access to the Internet and the mainstream explosion of digital formats, copyright is one of the most important issues for creative professionals, consumers of that media, and those who work in related industries. The line between what is protected and what is "free" is blurring further, and the copyright issues are more complex than ever.

  • Provides a complete update on copyright issues relating to digital media.
  • Takes the convoluted legal jargon of the Canadian Copyright Act and sets it out in everyday language.
  • Provides concrete examples to offer further clarification of complicated matters.

Whether you are a creator or user of copyright material, Canadian Copyright Law will keep you current on copyright law in Canada and its applications to your situation—to protect your creations, content, and products in these rapidly changing markets.

Canadian Copyright Law Hardcover
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