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Auroboros: Coils Of The Serpent Hardcover

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Will you tame the world - or shatter it? Auroboros: Coils of the Serpent is a campaign setting for 5E by Chris Metzen and Warchief Gaming. The first release in this universe, Worldbook: Lawbrand features the realm of Lawbrand, which is based on the roleplaying campaign that Chris ran with his childhood friends in the 1980s and 19990s, before he headed to work on Blizzard games. A 5E-compatible source book featuring dozens of pieces of stunning artwork, over 100 pages of lore, 5 new races, 4 subclasses, new spells, and more, Worldbook: Lawbrand gives you all the tools needed to adventure in this gritty fantasy setting. Will you tame this new world, or shatter it?

Auroboros: Coils Of The Serpent Hardcover
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