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Audel Electric Motors

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Here's the ultimate motor tool

If you need information about installing, repairing, and maintaining any type of electric motor, this book belongs in your toolbox. Completely revised and illustrated, it covers principles of motor function, choosing and replacing motors, identifying and repairing common problems, performing routine maintenance, and more, all without excessive math. It's the guide your father relied on, now fully updated for the twenty-first century.
* Understand both AC and DC motor function and operation
* Repair small series motors and troubleshoot special types of motors
* Compare methods of motor control, including various switches, starters, and timing relays
* Troubleshoot fractional horsepower motors, including split-phase induction, capacitor start, repulsion, shaded-pole, hysteresis synchronous, and universal motors
* Learn the best procedures for stripping and rewinding armatures and stators
* Modify AC motors for speed control
* Discover which tools and supplies you'll always need

Audel Electric Motors
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