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Attacks on the Press: Gender and Media Freedom Worldwide (Bloomberg)

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The definitive, comprehensive assessment of global press freedom

Attacks on the Press is the definitive guide to the state of press freedom around the globe, with the 2016 edition focusing on gender-based threats to journalists and the media. Compiled by the Committee to Protect Journalists, this book contains a collection of analytical reports by freelance journalists and other experts who have an inside view of global media conditions and anti-press violations related to gender, including digital harassment, discrimination, restricted access to newsmakers, imprisonment, and physical and sexual attacks. It also provides guidance for dealing with such threats and restrictions, as well as potential solutions, including safety measures and direct advocacy with the diplomatic community on behalf of threatened journalists around the world, in keeping with CPJ's mission.

Freedom of the press is essential to human rights, and encourages a strong civil society with healthy and sustainable social, political, and economic development. This guide publicly reveals the latest abuses against the press, providing a comprehensive guide to international press freedom, including:

  • A survey of the current state of journalist safety around the globe
  • An examination of repression tactics based on gender
  • A compendium of countries seeking to undermine the freedom of the press
  • Accounts of the latest censorship tactics journalists face every day

Those who seek to expose injustices and spread information become easy targets under repressive regimes, during civil war, and in myriad other conditions that empower those who threaten freedom in any form. Attacks on the Press is intended to expose such abuses, particularly those that relate to gender, through comprehensive research and first-hand accounts, and to provide potential solutions.

Attacks on the Press: Gender and Media Freedom Worldwide (Bloomberg)
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