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Against Transgression Paperback

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Both a controversial account of the transgressive turn in critical thought characteristic of the moral turmoil of the Twentieth Century, and a provocative study of maternal transfiguration in the author's own turn from Transgression, Against Transgression poses an urgent question for the current generation of literary critics.

  • Studies the origins of the contemporary proliferation of 'Transgression' in the compelling thought experiments of Georges Bataille, and follows its inauguration as a mode of legitimate critical practice via Michel Foucault.
  • Tracks the author's rejection of Transgression as a legitimate critical methodology following her mother's death and her own maternal transfiguration.
  • Shows how the po-faced claims of critical methodology can be exploded by genuinely personal reflection.
  • Considers the place of grief in the transformation of thought.
  • Argues against the model of the 'death of god' that underpins the transgressive turn in critical thought, and for a more courageous account of the inevitable return of numinous desires.
  • Considers the moral responsibility of the critical writer.
  • Traces the transfiguration of the author from transgressive daughter to maternal agent.
Against Transgression Paperback
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