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A Short History of World War II Hardcover

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Discover the story of the world’s deadliest war. 

Combining expert historical insight with accounts of combatants and civilians, this important book offers a brilliant summary of the most important military, strategic, and political events across all theatres. 

The fighting is brought to life with profiles of key military and political figures, together with features on decisive campaigns, turning points, and technological innovations. 

Examine how deep-seated local fears and hatreds escalated into one vast global conflict that was fought out to the bitter end – from the rise of Hitler and the Nazi party to Pearl Harbor, the D-Day landings, and Hiroshima. 

Richly illustrated with a wealth of original artifacts, weaponry, and equipment, photography, and maps, this unique combination of image and narrative provides the most accessible, episode-by-episode account ever.

A Short History of World War II Hardcover
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