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Aztech ATO6610 10L Toaster Oven

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  • Description:
    • Delight yourself into freshly-baked cookies broiled steak or even buttery toasted breads using one of the members from Aztech Home’s Silvertone Series – the Aztech ATO6610 Toaster Oven.
    • This is a state-of-the-art oven made especially for your daily needs like baking broiling toasting and reheating.
    • As for its additional safety feature the Aztech ATO6610 comes with a stainless steel door handle and tempered glass door for safety door opening and for clear viewing of the food you are cooking. Use the included baking tray and wire rack for your baking roasting and broiling needs. With this oven cooking would be efficient and easy.
    • Aztech ATO6610 is a must-have as it is a remarkable companion in your kitchen. With its stainless steel design, the surface looks smooth is easy to clean and adds flair to your kitchen. It is also designed with two control knobs:
      • (1) Timer switch – to set cooking time up to 60 minutes and automatically turn the oven off after reaching the set time and
      • (2) Thermostat switch – to adjust the cooking temperature (100°C - 250°C) according to your needs.
    • Silvertone Series -
      • The Collection consists of a series of durable and timeless appliances. Its neutral colour and contemporary characteristics not only complement other kitchen elements by adding a touch of elegance it also blends with any home design and instantly gives the kitchen a clean and modern look. Besides being aesthetically pleasing it is also functional easy to clean and maintain.
  • Key Features:
    • Full Stainless Steel - Tempered Glass Door
    • 4pcs Stainless Steel Heating Elements
    • Bake / Broil / Toast / Reheat
    • 60mins Timer
    • 100°C – 200°C adjustable temperature
  • Specifications:
    • Material - Full Stainless Steel
    • Capacity - 10L
    • Weight - 3.11kg
    • Functions and Features:
      • Toaster Oven Function
      • Bake
      • Broil
      • Toast
      • Reheat
      • Timer Switch Knob
      • Thermostat Switch Knob
      • Indicator Light
      • Tempered Glass Door
    • Power Supply - 240V ( 50Hz )
    • Power Consumption - 800W
    • Timer - 60mins
    • Adjustable Temperature - 100°C – 250°C
    • Package Contents
      • ATO6610 Toaster Oven
      • Baking Tray
      • Wire Rack
      • Easy Start Guide
      • User Manual
Aztech ATO6610 10L Toaster Oven
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