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What Are Grades Of Jade & Some Of The Popular Jade Craving Meanings

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Jade Grades

There are only 2 types of Jade, either Jadeite or Nephrite and their only difference would be based on their properties.

Let's all take a look at the different grades of jade.

A Grade

Type A Jadeite is natural jadeite that has not undergone any treatment process to enhance its durability and beauty. 

B Grade

Type B Jadeite has undergone a bleaching process to clean the inside of impurities and inferior color. The texture of jadeite is thus damaged during the process, leaving voids and gaps which are filled with a type of clear polymer resin and then lacquered.

C Grade

Type C Jadeite is basically dyed jadeite. The process is performed to enhance green, lavender, yellow or red jadeite.

B + C Grade

Type B + C Jadeite combines both B and C treatment processes.

If you are unsure, the fastest and the safest method to find out about the grade of the jadeite would be to check with our retail staffs. Some of our jade jewelries comes with a certificate of authenticity by certified institution.


Meanings of popular Jade Cravings in Jewelleries

Different jade cravings have different symbolism from protection to wealth or good luck. Here are some of the jade jewelries that was scouted and found across Cash Converters Singapore outlets.

Pea Pod 

In Chinese culture, pea means fertility and pod indicates wealth. Any newly married couple would consider this jade pea pod pendant a great blessing.


The cabbage (baicai 白菜 or qingcai 清菜) is a symbol for wealth because it has the same pronunciation as the word "money" or "wealth" (cai 财).


Owl is to wish the wearer understanding and patience. Also protection and knowledge which could be helpful for exams.  


The Chinese character for fish (yu 鱼) is pronounced the same as the Chinese character for "abundance" or "surplus" (yu 余). It is the emblem of wealth and abundance, harmony and connubial bliss. Also, it is the symbol of regeneration and freedom. 

Laughing Buddha / Buddha

A jade Buddha may be an excellent feng shui decor/cure for your home, as the soothing and wise energy of jade is the best match for Buddha energy, be it the Laughing Buddha or the Medicine Buddha. 

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