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6 Basic Essentials For Trekkers In Singapore

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Despite not having peaks as high as Everest or trails as far as the Amazon Rain Forest, you will be surprise that some Singaporeans do enjoy a trekking expedition in Singapore. Places like Pulau Ubin and Coney Island are more rustic and less developed which could offer these trekkers with a sense of adventure while other trails such as those from Kranji Marshes and Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve would be perfect for wildlife enthusiasts.

Here is a small list of essentials that you might want to consider bringing along to a trek, even if you think that trekking in Singapore is just easy peasy. 


1) Bottles, Tumblers & Mugs

Even if its a few kilometres hike with hardly any obstacles in the way, never forget to hydrate yourself sufficiently. Be it water or an energy drink, be sure to fill your tumblers or bottles to the brim.



2) Sunglasses

Sunglasses are needed to protect your eyes from the harmful radiating UV rays, especially if you were to spend prolong hours under the sun.


3) Binoculars

Besides immersing in oneself nature, some might feel that spotting wildlife plays a fundamental purpose during their journey. If that is the case, be sure to equip yourself with a pair of binoculars for an enhanced experience.


4) Flashlights

You would never know how late your trek would end up due to unpredictable circumstances. These light emitting devices definitely would be an essential emergency tool when darkness falls.   


5) Camera & Accessories

During a trek, you might come across a moment that you might want to capture for a memorial purpose. Be it a wildlife creature, floral or fauna, pictures with your buddies or even the beautiful sunrise. 


6) Raincoats and Ponchos

Unexpected weather changes might happen during a trek. At least be prepared to prevent yourselves as well as your belongings from being totally drenched.


7) Others

Other essentials that are not mentioned in the above list such as compass, tentage, multi-function tool and first aid tool could also be found in across Cash Converters Singapore outlets.

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