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4 Most Common Types of Bezels on Rolex found at Cash Converters

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Not many of us would have come across the term bezel. The bezel is the grooved ring that holds the crystal of a watch face in position.

Not only does the bezel has a significant influence on the overall design and functionality of a timepiece, it serves an important role in keeping the watch pressurized. 

There are different types of bezels that are fitted to Rolex’s various watches and the following are the 4 most common ones that could be found in any of the Cash Converters Stores.

1. Fluted Bezel

Described as being the most classic and iconic Rolex design element by Bob's Watches Rolex Blog, the fluted bezel Rolex's watches are perhaps the most commonly seen across all Cash Converters Stores, be it golden or steel. 

2. Smooth Bezel

The smooth bezel Rolex watches are usually the more traditional ones, giving them a clean minimalist look. It depends on the year of production, smooth bezels can range from flat to domed like the 2 Rolex shown below. These might also be the older models which people tend to ''upgrade'' from.   

3. Gem-set Bezel

Probably the most luxurious and exclusive looking bezel as compared to the others, due to the fact that high-quality precious stones were selected and set into them by Rolex. Although typically fitted with diamonds, other gem stones such as rubies shown below could be used.

4. Rotating Timing Bezel

From time to time, there will be a couple of rotating timing bezel Rolex watches found across Cash Converters Stores. They are easily differentiated with their 60-minute scale mark. They are mainly used for timing events up to an hour. 


Despite these being the 4 most commonly spotted types of bezels on Rolex watches found at Cash Converters, there are times when there would be stock of rarer bezels. Such includes the tachymeter, ring command or even textured bezels.

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