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Who is Cash Converters?

Who is Cash Converters

How long has Cash Converters been around?

Why sell second-hand goods?

Do you buy brand new items as well?

Selling To Cash Converters

Why sell to Cash Converters?

What are the items that cash converters do not accept?

Do you pay cash?

Why do I need to produce IC/Workpass/Passport when I sell?

How to sell my items to Cash Converters?

Why your company can’t provide price estimation of the item over the phone?

How do I transport my bulky electronic items (eg. 42-inch LCD TV, home theater system) to Cash Converters?

Online Shopping

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How to shop online with us

How to make a payment on our website

Do you need a paypal account to make payment?

How can I be notified of the latest discounts and promotions?

How to check out without a paypal account


How long will it take for delivery?

Exchange and Refunds

What are your exchange and refund policy?

Received an incorrect/missing/defective item in your order?

Is there any warranty for your products that are sold online?

Who pays the shipping cost on returns?